Rum and Nerdy, Episode 29, “The One With Tom” (in which, he talks about his new film, “Charming the Hearts of Men”


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Rum & Nerdy “The One With Tom” Episode 29

Episode 29: The One With Tom.   This week we talk to Tom Schanley about his new movie, ‘Charming the... read more

A Movie Offering Connections Home

WHEN HE RETURNED to Manchester for the 4th of July as he does every year, Tom Schanley was happy to... read more

Seizing Every Moment with ‘Graceland’ Actor, Tom Schanley (I Am Entertainment Magazine Interview)

Photo credit: Bjoern Kommerell Interview Published on I Am Entertainment Magazine website.   An acting career is a journey, not a race; and nobody... read more

Santa Barbara Independent Interview with Tom Schanley

September 17, 2012 by Charles Donelan   Tennessee Williams loved his Cat. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, second only to A Streetcar Named... read more

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